About us

Who We Are

During the hard lockdown level 1 in South Africa in the beginning stages of the covid-19 crisis, Josias Naidoo was compelled to act. In early 2020, he gathered together a team which spearheaded an initiative to call for justice and equality in our health care response, to protect our frontliners and to find ways to co-create solutions to existing and emerging health challenges. And so Hope4Health was born.
Vision: A world of health and wellbeing for all
Mission: We advocate for universal health and take action for systemic justice through an integrated and holistic health system.

Our Team

Josias Naidoo – Founder and Chairperson

Josias is a well known Audiologist, health activist and philanthropist. He has vast experience in the health and financial sectors. Currently Josias is a member of the HPCSA board, Chairman of the SLH board practice committee, Vice Chair of the National Health Care Professionals Association. He is highly focused on health equity and ensuring quality health care is possible in South Africa.

Dr Rosanna Naidoo – Board member

Rosanna’s expertise includes clinical experience as well as over a decade of management roles in both the NGO and corporate sectors. She has also served as a healthcare consultant and has been active in stakeholder engagement. Rosanna is currently the acting HOD of Private Practice at the South African Medical Association (SAMA).


Vezi Mncwango – Board member

Vezi is a business coach and is involved in strategic change management. His experience spans decades of organisational, financial and programme management in business and the NGO world. Vezi has sat on many boards and has done some pioneering work in youth empowerment training. He has authored two books.

Gil Harper – Communications and Programmes

Gil’s experience includes strategic communications, ranging from public speaking to editorship to public relations. She has developed and managed multi-country NGO youth programmes. An accomplished trainer and facilitator, she has developed training gender programmes and is active in civil society in many organisations.

Phiona Johnson – Board member

Phiona specialises in strategic leadership and organisational development with more than 20 years’ experience in medical insurance, hospital leadership development, corporate, public and non-profit sectors. She has developed and managed a nursing programme as well as established and an Adult Basic Education Centre

Our Partners