Hope4Health promotes health and wellbeing for all South Africans. Founded as a response to covid-19, we believe that healthy lives and wellbeing is essential to sustainable development. We recognise the direct link between poverty, systemic injustice and health.

We call for every South African to have the right and benefit of quality health services.

We advocate a broad approach to wellbeing that promotes dignity and safety for all.

We act to provide spaces for dialogue and programmes for awareness and behaviour change.


We work with government, industry experts and associations, health practitioners, business and civil society. Hope4Health takes a broad approach to health and well-being that covers: 

  • Research
  • Campaigns
  • Advocacy
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Training
  • Events
  • Programmes: awareness and behaviour change


During hard lockdown level 1 in South Africa, Josias Naidoo spearheaded an initiative to call for justice and equality in our health care response, to protect our frontliners and to find ways to co-create solutions to existing and emerging health challenges. Through unprecedented health and related socio-economic crises, Josias was inspired by the sacrifices of frontliners and the active citizenship of so many South Africans. And so Hope4Health was born.

Vision: A world of health and wellbeing for all

Mission: To advocate for universal health, campaign for systemic justice through an integrated and holistic health system, and provide tools and knowledge for individuals to make healthy decisions for our wellbeing.

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